15+ Affordable Cottagecore Fashion Brands For A Whimsical Wardrobe

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Cottagecore style has become hugely popular this year, mostly thanks to TikTok. I always loved the cottagecore fashion aesthetic, but I didn’t know what to call it until now.

It’s so exciting to finally have a name for this vibe! For me, cottagecore fashion really is the “dark academia” of summer, so it’s the style I naturally transition into as the months get warmer.

With the release of Taylor Swift’s last two albums Folklore and Evermore, cottagecore outfits have gotten even more popular. We all want that whimsical vibe.

I like to think of cottagecore style as a blend between the European or UK country aesthetic and the fairy-tale vibe. There are many ways to pull off cottagecore outfits (you can make it boho, Victorian, vintage, etc.), but they all feel whimsical and happy.

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What Defines Cottagecore Fashion?

The cottagecore style aesthetic is all about living the “simple life.” Mainly, this occurs on a farm or in the countryside. The fashion is all about staying cool (linen always works for cottagecore outfits) while dressing feminine.

The most popular cottagecore fashion pieces include billowy blouses (peasant blouses are my favorites), long skirts, and prairie dresses of all lengths.

Cottagecore Fashion Brands:

Today I’m sharing my favorite 15+ cottagecore fashion brands!

It can be surprisingly hard to source cottagecore outfits and pieces. Most stores don’t blatantly advertise that they sell cottagecore style, mainly because it’s so new. 

All of these brands are reasonably priced (although I included a pricing key with specifics) and sell really beautiful cottagecore fashion items.

Free People

cottagecore outfits, cottagecore style, cottagecore fashion brands, cottagecore clothing

Even though Free People can be a bit on the expensive sign, it really is the OG cottagecore fashion brand. I buy many of my white dresses here because the quality is just really great. They always last for many years!

Free People also has really great summer pieces that are flowy. It’s cottagcore style with a hint of boho.

Pricing: Most cottagecore fashion pieces will cost you between $50 and $150 on Free People. It’s a bit pricier than some of the brands below, but I do recommend shopping here for staple cottagecore outfits.

Click here to shop.

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Faithfull The Brand

cottagecore outfits, cottagecore style, cottagecore fashion brands, cottagecore clothing

Faithfull The Brand is the brand I always think of first when I’m shopping for cottagecore outfits.

There’s usually only a small selection available, but the quality is just amazing. I especially like shopping for linen dresses made by Faithfull, both mini and maxi.

Pricing: A linen dress or other piece will run between $100 and $200 on Faithfull. It’s a bit more expensive than many of the other options on the list, but I like to invest in at least one piece each summer because the quality is just amazing and the dresses are always on-trend yet 100% cottagecore style.

Click here to shop on Shopbop.

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cottagecore outfits, cottagecore style, cottagecore fashion brands, cottagecore clothing

Shein is a great go-to for cottagecore style. You can easily put together entire cottagecore outfits for under $50.

I typically search “cottage” on Shein to find pieces. I get a lot of my seasonal sundresses on Shein; they aren’t always the best quality but some of them are super pretty for under $20. You literally can’t beat that! Both the mini and the maxi dresses are super cute.

I also find super cute cottagecore style tops (especially white or floral ones) and great accessories such as headbands and jewelry.

Pricing: Most pieces are under $25 and some are even under $15 or $10. I recommend buying a good many items so that you get free shipping and free returns.

Click here to shop cottagecore on Shein.

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cottagecore outfits, cottagecore style, cottagecore fashion brands, cottagecore clothing

If you’re looking for sustainable year-round clothing then Reformation is the brand for you. 

I’m especially partial to the floral dresses at Reformation. The brand comes out with 50+ styles each year so there’s any type, color, and patten of cottagecore fashion that you could want.

Pricing: Reformation is pretty pricey; it runs from $150 to $250 per item, but the dresses will last for years and years, plus everything is sustainably made.

Click here to shop at Reformation.

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Love Shack Fancy

cottagecore outfits, cottagecore style, cottagecore fashion brands, cottagecore clothing














Love Shack Fancy is an ultra-Victorian cottagecore fashion brand that sells super upscale items. While they do offer some low-key cottagecore outfits, I find that I gravitate to Love Shack Fancy when I want a slightly fancier dress for an event.

I also love the cotton maxi dresses as well as the super colorful dresses for the warmer months.

Lastly, I shop here for cottagecore clothing pieces, especially blouses. I love wearing a cottagecore style blouse with jeans and slippers to add just a bit of the vibe into my everyday life.

Pricing: Love Shack Fancy might be the most expensive on this list (ranging from $150 to $400) so every piece is definitely a splurge.

Click here to shop Love Shack Fancy.

P.S. If you find that Love Shack Fancy is too expensive, try searching for “Love Shack Fancy x Target” items on Poshmark. The line sold out super quickly, but plenty of people resell items. You can get gorgeous dresses for under $30!

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For Love And Lemons

For Love & Lemons is a great cottagecore clothing brand if you’re looking for more than just dresses. The blouses are especially beautiful!

I also shop here for event clothing. I love wearing these tops with jeans and heels or booties, but the dresses are slightly fancier too, so they’re perfect for a wedding or shower.

Pricing: Expect to spend a bit more (between $100 and $300 typically), but this is reasonable to me when the clothing is generally made for fancier outings.

Click here to shop For Love & Lemons on Revolve.


cottagecore outfits, cottagecore style, cottagecore fashion brands, cottagecore clothing

Chicwish is great for seasonal items, flowy maxi dresses, and chiffon floral printed sundresses.

Keep in mind that shipping can sometimes take 2-3 weeks, so you’ll want to plan ahead.

Pricing: Chicwish is really affordable; every item is well under $100. This is a great shop for cottagecore outfits and dresses if you don’t want to spend a lot!

Click here to shop.

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Etsy is low-key a great place to source cottagecore clothing. You might need to dig a bit, but the items are mostly homemade and are surprisingly affordable.

Additionally, if you’re looking for really authentic cottagecore clothing, Etsy is the place to shop.

This store has some really darling pieces. If you want to shop for more, check out this search, which is what I typically use.

Click here to shop dresses on Etsy.


cottagecore outfits, cottagecore style, cottagecore fashion brands, cottagecore clothing

Abercrombie probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about Cottagecore outfits, but hear me out on this one.

The entire Abercrombie vibe is based around high-quality, casual clothing. This means that the store has a lot of flowy, linen pieces, that are well-made and relatively affordable.

I find that Abercrombie is especially great for cottagecore style in the summer. Check out the linen dresses, jumpsuits, and tops. I tend to shop at Abercrombie for most of my plain white or faded pieces that I’ll wear over and over – it’s great for staples.

Pricing: Most items at Abercrombie are under $100, especially if you shop the sales (which they have very often). I personally wouldn’t spend over $120 on anything at Abercrombie.

Click here to shop.

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Lulus has so many dresses, and a good amount are exactly cottagecore style. I typically shop for maxi dresses, floral dresses, and white dresses at Lulus.

I also like Lulus tops when I’m putting together cottagecore outfits. They’re pretty affordable, so I’ll order a few at a time and have options for a season.

Pricing: Most cottagecore fashion pieces are under $100 on Lulus but many are even under $50.

Click here to shop dresses.


ASOS is a surprisingly good site to find cottagecore fashion brands on, but you do need to dig a bit. There isn’t any tab for cottagecore clothing to make it easy.

I recommend searching for floral pieces and white dresses to start. 

Pricing: ASOS pricing is so reasonable! Some cottagecore clothing pieces are well under $50. I just purchased a super cute white peasant blouse that was only $13!

Click here to shop dresses.

Retro Fairy

cottagecore outfits, cottagecore style, cottagecore fashion brands, cottagecore clothing

Retro Fairy is a really adorable site with cottagecore outfits including dresses, blouses, knitwear, and skirts. They have all types of vintage dresses (in addition to regular cottagecore style) including Edwardian, Victorian, vintage, and fairy dresses.

You definitely need to check this site out if it’s the first you’re hearing of it!

Pricing: Most pieces are well under $100 which are insanely good prices for vintage and cottagecore fashion pieces.

Christy Dawn

cottagecore outfits, cottagecore style, cottagecore fashion brands, cottagecore clothing

Christy Dawn is a site that offers stunning cottagecore style. I especially love the cotton dresses. This is definitely the place to shop if you’re looking for authentic flower-patterned dresses!

Pricing: Most of the newer dresses are over $200.

Click here to shop Christy Dawn.

Bedra Vintage

Bedra Vintage is a really beautiful store that sells all types of vintage items, especially dresses and blouses.

This is a good seasonal store, but you can always find cottagecore clothing items like printed dresses (especially flowy midi dresses that are hard to find on other sites) and linen sets.

Pricing: Expect to spend anywhere between $100 and $200 per item. These are all stunning vintage items that you won’t find anywhere else!


Amazon low-key has everything, but you have to know what to search for. Most 

Even typing in “cottagecore clothing” or “cottagecore style” on Amazon doesn’t get very good results, so I’m linking all of my favorite pieces here. Luckily, Amazon clothing doesn’t often sell out, so these dresses should be available for some time.

Many of these dresses are actually double the price at typical boutiques (even though the dress is the exact same), plus you get free shipping and free returns with Amazon prime. For this reason, I always recommend that you check Amazon first!

If one of these dresses is sold out but you like the look, check out related items for more cottagecore style on Amazon.




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