50+ Free Dark Academia Wallpaper For iPhone Options

by Alex DiBacco

As much as I love dark academia style, hair, makeup, etc., what I really love is the aesthetic itself. The dark academia vibe is something you can’t quite capture: it’s simply a feeling.

I’ve been using lots of dark academic wallpaper options so I get that cozy vibe every time I look at my phone! Today I’m compiling my favorite 50 dark academia wallpaper options that are compatible for iPhone.

To save any wallpaper option, simply hold the picture down on your phone and click “save to library.” You can then go into your settings and select a lock scree and/or a home screen.

Keep in mind that you can use a different picture for your lock screen and your home screen, or you can choose one photo for both.

Enjoy these dark academia wallpaper options!

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50. Romance

49. Piano

48. Romance Shadow

47. Ivy Building

46. Archway

45. Built In Bookcase

44. Windows

43. Sunlit Books

42. City Alleyway

41. Letter

40. Library

39. Library Rows

38. Rainy Day

37. Chandelier

36. Multi-Story Entryway

35. Oxford

34. Study Supplies

33. Dark Academia Collage

32. Books

31. Study Area

30. Barely Lit Hallway

29. Reading

28. Old Library

27. Cozy Day

26. Massive Library

25. Tea Shoppe

24. Brownstones

23. Old Books Pile

22. Couple

21. Library Staircase

20. Old Violin

19. Brown Books

18. Flying Papers

17. Book Collage

16. Ancient Wall Art

15. Dancing In The Dark

14. Marble Staircase

13. Weathered Books

12. Violin and Music

11. Sunlit Staircase

10. City View

9. Coffee & Photography

8. Gothic Gardens

7. Gothic Entryway Gate

6. Library Desk

5. Artsy Collage

4. Victorian Staircase

3. Library Love


2.  Rainy Day Window

1.  Study Collage

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