Best Blackhead Remover Vacuum: The One Tool You Need Under $35

by Alex DiBacco
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best blackhead remover // best blackhead vacuum // best blackhead remover vacuum

You can use all of the skincare creams in the world, but sometimes the problem can’t be fixed by adding another layer of moisturizer.

If your pores are clogged, it’s much more difficult for your skin to absorb any products. You could end up spending a ton of money on creams that literally evaporate into thin air!

Without a way to clean out your pores, most skincare routines won’t make as much of a difference as they should, plus you’ll probably have excess acne or irritation.

Pore strips are the classic way to remover any gunk clogged up in pores, and while they work well, they can damage your skin because of how sticky they become during the extraction process.

It’s also pretty hard to use pore strips in your daily routine because they take at least 15-20 minutes to set.

Enter the perfect solution: a blackhead remover vacuum.

A good/best blackhead remover vacuum will have multiple layers of suction and will work on all types of acne and skin, not just blackheads. 

I finally invested in the best blackhead remover vacuum about 5 months ago, and I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made.

It not only cleans out blackheads, but keeps my complexion clear and my skin less oily (without drying my face out).

I wanted to write this post to give you a full rundown of my experience with tools, how to best use a vacuum, when to use it, and what results you can realistically expect.  

What To Use a Blackhead Remover Vacuum For

best blackhead remover // best blackhead vacuum // best blackhead remover vacuum

Most blackhead remover tools are similar to microdermabrasion tools (only way cheaper) in that they provide a variety of different benefits. The best uses for this tool that I’ve found are:

1. Blackheads. This is pretty obvious, but it works really well to clear up blackheads without damaging your face. If you have a blackhead or two that you need to remove, this is not only the best blackhead vacuum but the best tool in general. 

Don’t squeeze your face if you can help it, and if you’re considering pore strips, then you might as well invest a few extra dollars in this tool since it works so much better.

If your face is pretty clogged, then you won’t see an immediate disappearance of blackheads, but you will notice gradual change, especially if you can commit to using it daily.

2. Oily Skin. I have semi-oily skin and it usually doesn’t cause a problem for me if I use a good amount of powder, but I’ve found that this tool helps me control it so much that I often don’t reapply powder at all.

For really oily skin, I recommend using a blackhead vacuum all over your face once a day. Once every other day should be enough for mildly oily skin.

A good blackhead remover will suction up all of the oil and unclog your pores so that your skin stays clear throughout the whole day; it won’t have time to replenish the oil before you wash your face again at night.

It can be so difficult to find a moisturizer that works well with oily skin, but if you use a vacuum before applying a light moisturizer then you won’t need to worry. It’s the best way to have a moisturized face that’s not crazy shiny!

3. Acne. I only get the occasional breakout, but let’s be real: no one wants even that. My blackhead remover has not only helped to curb an acne spot once it’s flaring up, but keeps acne under control before it even starts.

Any pimple first begins to form when a pore becomes clogged and slightly infected. While I find the best results when I use this tool in conjunction with a few others, I’ve tried going a few weeks without it and have noticed an increase in breakouts.

4. Large pores. Originally, this was actually the reason I purchased a tool. You know it’s time to do something about pores that show up even through heavy makeup.

While this hasn’t been the tool that has completely solved my problems concerning large pores, it has definitely contributed. I find that when I’m able to clean out my pores using a good remover, I can then use the next tool to shrink them down.

5. Sunspots. I don’t have a ton of sunspots, but I have noticed that my skin appears more even after using a good vacuum. Everyone has a slightly uneven skin-tone in some way, and while this probably won’t fix your skin if you have serious spots, it does help even out minor discoloration.

When To Use A Blackhead Remover

Like I said before, I consider this the best blackhead vacuum because you can use it regularly without adding a lot of time to your typical morning routine.

For quick daily use, I do a full face once-over after I shower so that my pores have been steamed and opened. Keep in mind, you have to do it right after you get out of the shower. It’s crazy how quickly pores close back up!

After the once-over, I wash my face and then proceed through my regular skincare routine. Washing your face after is super important, otherwise you might actually cause extra breakouts.

Once a week, I do a heavier extraction. Although I still schedule this right after a shower, I stop to quickly steam my face with a warm cloth every 5 minutes to make sure my pores stay open. This is where I’ll use different sized caps for the tool to serve each purpose.

Pros and Cons of the Annynice Vacuum

best blackhead remover // best blackhead vacuum // best blackhead remover vacuum

This is the third tool that I’ve tried, and in my opinion it’s by far the best blackhead remover vacuum. 

There’s lots of different attachments to change the area that the tool suctions. I like to use it for a once-over on my face every other day after showering, and I use the largest cap for this purpose. This is definitely the best blackhead vacuum for a full-face treatment because it can easily cover the most area!

For more specific purposes, like extraction in a certain area, there are smaller attachments.


  • The tool comes with lots of different attachments for different purposes (once-over, blackhead extraction, acne, etc.)
  • The battery life lasts super long and literally charges to full in 10 minutes. It also takes a generic charging chord (the same one used for portable chargers and cameras) in case you lose it.
  • There are multiple suction levels, from super light to really strong. I started on level 1 and have slowly worked my way up to level 3, but there are 5 total.
  • The price! At $31, it’s literally unbeatable.
  • The attachments are super easy to clean. This is definitely the best blackhead remover cleaning wise; some of the others I tried took 10-15 minutes to clean because it was so hard to get into the small spaces.


  • Level 1 can be a little strong for some people. The first time I used it, I put it on level 1 but went over the same spot ten or so times. I had some bruising the next day that wasn’t super fun. You have to build up to the higher levels, so start off small! I recommend being cognizant of how much pressure you’re applying while running the vacuum across your face. The suction itself is pretty strong, but it won’t cause a lot of bruising unless you’re actually pushing down onto your skin. 
  • You have to remember to steam your face beforehand and then wash it after to get any extra gunk out.
  • It’s not an instant fix. While you’ll see a ton of extraction the first time you use it, there are some blackheads or pores that will be more stubborn. You have to keep steaming your face and use it regularly to see lasting results.

best blackhead remover // best blackhead vacuum // best blackhead remover vacuum

If you’re interested in purchasing this tool or checking out reviews, click here for the Amazon page.

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