The Trendiest Spring Hair Colors For 2021

by Alex DiBacco

Spring is coming quicker than we realize and it’s time to get those beauty routines ready! 

Hair is typically the first thing I do as a new season is coming. It can take a bit to get your hair color just perfect, so I definitely recommend starting there.

The Hair Color Trends For Spring 2021

This spring, layered hair colors are in. If you had a dark color for winter, you’ll want to add dimension with a balayage and potentially lighten a bit.

super subtle ombre can also be in, but it needs to be extremely natural. You can see some examples of this as you scroll through these photos.

Generally, icy colors are more in this spring. You can achieve this yourself using purple shampoo or can get your hair toned quite a bit more during your next appointment. The trend seems to be: the icier the better.

Natural hair colors are also in, meaning shades of blonde, brown, and black. Subtle shades of strawberry pink are also in, especially in blonde hair.

This past winter, the blonde strips at the very front of the hair were in (framing the face), and this style is still around, but the trend is to make it a bit more subtle and blended this spring.

Spring Hair Colors:


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