Kahlúa Cold Brew Espresso Martini

by Alex DiBacco

My parents always host an annual work holiday party, and this year I decided to make a fun espresso martini so that they could relax and enjoy their guests.

I ended up going specifically with this Kahlúa Cold Brew Martini because it’s one of the easiest martini recipes ever but tastes amazing! Cold brew cocktails are super trendy so I knew it would go over well.

I love a good espresso martini, and even more-so if it has a little cold brew in it in it. At the same time, I don’t like anything that’s super heavy or overly sweet, and I definitely can’t handle an espresso martini with too much cream.

This Kahlúa Cold Brew Martini is a perfect in-between and was a huge hit at the party! It’s one of my new favorite martini recipes of the season for sure. Whether you’re looking for a simple party cocktail or even want to make a fun winter brunch martini, give this yummy concoction a try.

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Espresso Martini Ingredients

While some espresso martini recipes can have a ton of ingredients, this cocktail does not! I kept it nice and simple.

This martini is strong but smooth and has only 3 ingredients! However, it isn’t super creamy, so if you like yours on the creamier side, add a dash of whole milk or cream before shaking.

I love how simple this espresso martini is! I almost always have these ingredients on hand and they tend to last for weeks (if not months) at a time, so you can stock up for the winter.

I do recommend getting these exact ingredients – any type of cold brew coffee will do (I buy the pre-packaged cold brew bottles at the grocery store near the dairy section), but Absolute and Kahlúa are pretty essential to create a wonderful tasting, smooth martini.

Why Cold Brew?

This isn’t your typical espresso martini recipe, but I actually like it better. The cold brew coffee is extremely smooth, especially when blended with Kahlúa and Absolut vodka. It’s easy to customize and is never too strong, unlike espresso!

Kahlúa is sweet but refreshing and goes great in so many drinks, including cold brew cocktails! I try to always have a bottle on hand for any occasion. So many martini recipes can be made a lot more tasty by adding some Kahlúa.

I’ve used it in anything from a cozy night in (warm coffee drinks, anyone?) to ritzy martini recipes, similar to this concoction.

This espresso martini a fun and different cocktail that guests are sure to love! I got a bunch of complements on it, particularly when I made it really ice-cold. You can even set out an area for guests to make their own because the recipe is so easy to follow.

I’ve found that, unlike other types of drinks, almost everyone enjoys a cold brew martini made with Kahlúa. It appeals to the sweet tooth, the coffee lover, and the high-end drink officionados.

Kahlúa Cold Brew Espresso Martini Recipe:

Serves 1

  • 1 part Absolut Vodka
  • 2 parts Kahlúa
  • 3 parts Cold Brew

Step 1: Fill a shaker with ice and add all of the ingredients. Shake for at least 15 seconds to create a nice foam. You can stop when you arm hurts and the shaker gets icy cold to touch.

Step 2: Strain into a cocktail glass without ice and garnish with coffee beans.

Note: if you like your espresso martini ingredients to include milk, then add a splash of milk or cream to the shaker (before shaking) and it’ll come out a bit creamier.

I found that the longer you shake the better since you get more foam. It’s also better to strain it manually (holding the ice back with another cup or a spoon) instead of using the strainer that might come with your shaker. If you do it manually, you’ll get more of the foam out (the shaker strainer will catch a lot of the foam along with the ice).

This is one of my favorite cold brew espresso martini recipes. I highly recommend it for any holiday event or friend/family gathering because it’s so easy, refreshing, and will keep people awake! If you’re looking for great espresso cocktails, give this one a try.

Barware Needed

For this recipe, you’ll need a shaker, a measuring tool (or a regular shot glass), and martini glasses. You can easily find most of this on Amazon, although I tend to purchase much of my cocktail glassware and tools at Home Goods.

How to Serve This Espresso Martini

I like to serve this espresso martini right away after shaking, and make each cocktail individually. The recipe is so exact that it’s easy to make the perfect amount, one at a time.

In the morning, I serve this martini with some delicious biscotti or a yummy winter bread. Around happy hour time, I like to set out a nut mix. If we’re sipping on an espresso martini as an after-dinner drink, then you’ll find that it goes well with virtually any chocolate dessert!

This martini recipe will fit in any typical martini glass, whether it has a stand or sits low. 

xo, Alex

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