35+ Vintage Hairstyles That Are Trendy Today

by Alex DiBacco

If popular TV shows are any indication, everything vintage is in. Not only do we all wish we could live in the grand eras on the past, but many of us try to bring vintage elements in our everyday lives.

Today, I’m rounding up 39 gorgeous vintage hairstyles that can be worn in everyday life. A lot of these are really glamorous and would look beautiful at any event, while others are a bit more simple and would work if you just want to try something different.

These vintage hairstyles are inspired from all different eras. It’s tough to say exactly when a hairstyle originated, because hair trends come back around every 20 years or so. Most of these hairstyles have been popular in some form many different times!

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39. Sleek Updo

38. Long Brushed Curls

37. Tightly Curled Bob

36. Face Framing Bob

35. Face Framing Curls

34. Tight Curls With Hairclips

33. Teased Roller Curls

32. Sleek Bob With Headband

31. Teased Sleek Ponytail

30. Victorian Updo

29. Thick Shiny Curls

28. Brushed Curls

27. Side Part Bob

26. Side Part Curled

25. Vintage Hair Clip With Natural Curls

24. ’20s Bob

23. Teased Half-Up

22. Romantic Curls

21. Sleek Curls

20. Edgy Curled Bob

19. Short Curls With Hair Scarf

18. Sleek Top Bun

17. Half-Up With Bow

16. Side Part Curls

15. Sleek Ponytail

14. Windswept Bob

13. Pinned Up Curls

12. Structured Curls

11. Curled Ends

10. Dramatic Bob

9. Hollywood Glam

8. Teased Bob

7. Roller Curls

6. Nervous Bob

5. Medium Bangs

4. Teased & Blowdried

3. Hairsprayed Flip

2. Loose ’80s Curls

1. Teased Pony

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