30+ Cute and Trendy Halloween Nails You Have To Try

by Alex DiBacco
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Halloween is swiftly approaching and I personally can’t wait!

This spooky holiday is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s low in pressure but high in fun, and everyone gets to be someone else for a day.

I’m super excited to not only dress in costume but dress up my nails as well for the month of October. I’ve been finding so many inspiration photos that are SO fun, and I finally decided to compile them into a blog post.

Enjoy these witchy, scary, gothic, and chic Halloween nails! 

But First, Base + Top Coats: Matte or Shiny?

Whether you’re using gel or regular nail polish, a base coat and top coat are both really important. They’ll determine not only how long your manicure lasts, but how shiny it is.

Some of the photos below showcase shiny nails while others are matte. Regardless, I’ve linked one gel color and one regular color for each. I recommend that you purchase a specific type of top coat depending on the level of shine that you’re looking for.

As far as gel polish, I really like Gellish: I find that it lasts way longer than other polish brands. If you’re looking for info on how to do a gel manicure at home for super cheap (while making sure it lasts for a while), check out my blog post here to see exactly what I use.

Halloween Nail Inspiration:







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