The Ultimate List of Yankee Swap Ideas: Gifts For Everyone

by Alex DiBacco
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Until last year, I really didn’t like Yankee Swaps. They gave me so much anxiety – what if I was that person whose gift got made fun of during the whole swap?

What I’ve come to realize is that if you can a) do a Yankee Swap with the right people and b) make fun of yourself without feeling self conscious, they can be a ton of fun. You get to laugh when a guy ends up with a pair of pink fuzzy socks, but you can also walk away with something cool that you’ll use for years to come.

Last year, I managed to snag a mini air compressor. As someone with chronically flat tires, I have literally used this tool every few weeks. This inspired me to find Yankee Swap ideas for gifts that are actually useful and funny. 

Check out my favorite Yankee Swap Ideas for gifts that people will actually link; i.e. they won’t just collect dust on a shelf. I’ve included various price points depending on how your swap is structured!

Yankee Swap Gift Ideas:

Other Ideas:

I can’t get every single item on this list above, because some gifts are DIY but super cool. Some of my favorites are:

  • Straight up cash
  • A bottle of wine or liquor
  • A 6-pack of any typical beer (light beer, IPAs, etc.)
  • A gift card from a local restaurant, movie theater, etc.
  • Anything related to your local sports teams (NFL, NBA, MLB, college football, etc.)

I recommend getting something that you think everyone in your specific group will enjoy since you probably know most of them relatively well. For example, with a group of guys, veer towards alcohol and/or joke gifts, while girls will like useful gifts, mugs, or wine.

Happy gifting!

xo, Alex

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