50+ Gorgeous February Nail Designs & Trends

by Alex DiBacco

Happy February! Even though it feels like Valentine’s Day is the only big thing this month, I personally love February for fashion and beauty. It’s a trendy winter month that doesn’t revolve around a holiday, and it’s the perfect excuse to wear super warm winter clothes with lots of layers and still look fashionable.

Today, I’m sharing my 50+ favorite super trendy nails for this February!

Dark nude tones are in this year, as are colors that bridge the gap from winter to spring.

I’m also seeing a huge rise in multi-colored nails (one color on each finger) as well as various patterns on nude or pink fingernails. Marble nails are in, as well as reverse tips (the color on the tip of the nail; basically the reverse of a French manicure). 

Shape-wise, both almond and square are in, but they shouldn’t be too long or too short. If you have trouble growing your nails out, I recommend starting with gel tips and a dip manicure over it. The dip powder is super stronger so it’ll harden your nails up and give them a change to grow until you don’t need the tips anymore, as long as you go to the salon every 2-3 weeks.

February Nail Trends & Inspiration:

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