Trendy Valentine’s Day Nails For 2021

by Alex DiBacco

Valentine’s Day is such a fun, extra holiday that can be done in a really classy way. I love decorating my home, baking, finding a gorgeous outfit, and even doing my nails for the holiday.

This year, I wanted to compile my favorite trendy Valentine’s Day nails in one place! These nails are various shades of pink and red, but they’re very classy and new.

Most of these nails are either acrylic or dip, but I’m sure you can find similar press-on nails on Etsy or Amazon if you don’t want to go to a salon.

There is, however, no better time to head to the salon than before a Valentine’s Day date night!

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Valentine’s Day Nail Inspiration:

Here are my favorite Valentine’s Nails for 2021. I recommend bringing your favorite pics to your nail technician if you want it copied exactly.


Soft Sparkle:

Painted Design:

Shades Of Pink:

Structured Pink:

Romantic Red:


Almond Red:

Jewels And Flowers:

Patterned Pink:

Deep Cherry:

Soft Pink:

French Red:

Bright Red:

Red Tips:

Smutty Red:

Square Pink:

Love Pink:

Candy Stripes:

Mauve Pink:

Pink & White:

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