How to Have White Teeth in a Week: A Foolproof Guide For a Beautiful Smile

by Alex DiBacco

teeth whitening tricks, natural teeth whitening tips, and how to have white teeth in a week

I kind of have a thing with white teeth. When I don’t keep up with my regimen, I just don’t like my smile as much. White teeth make everything look better: your skin looks tanner, your hair more dimensional, and your smile is happier. And let’s face it: we can slap as much makeup as we want on, and your smile is still your most important asset. It’s the thing that genuinely attracts people to you, so why not make it look great?

Yellow teeth are caused by a lot of different factors. Some of them are environmental, such as the foods we eat (this includes coffee and red wine!), but most people will also see a gradual yellowing as they age. The great thing about putting some effort into whitening your teeth is that it looks natural. You can stop wearing makeup and still feel like your appearance looks neat and clean.

I’ve tried laser teeth whitening before, and I have to admit: it works. If you’re willing to go to a session or two a month for forever, you’ll get nice, evenly whitened teeth that look natural but awesome. There’s a few reasons I stopped going (and developed this routine):

  1. It’s incredibly expensive, and the cost never goes down since you have to keep going indefinitely. Having white teeth feels great initially, but it’s never permanent.
  2. It’s a huge waste of time. You have to travel all the way to the place (the closest to me was 30 minutes away), then sit for (typically) around an hour while your teeth are being whitened, then come all the way back.
  3. Appointments have to be booked far out. This means that if you forget to book an appointment before a big event, or your teeth yellow up faster than normal, you’re stuck for a month or two without having white teeth until the next available appointment.

I also tried all sorts of laser teeth whitening tricks at home and didn’t find any that worked. Some of them claim to take at least 3 months to start seeing results, but having white teeth just isn’t something I want to wait that long for.

So that’s why I stopped going to laser teeth whitening and instead developed my own at-home guide to having white teeth. It’s cheaper, faster, and easier, and I do my workouts or power clean while my teeth are being whitened, so I’m saving a huge amount of time. I’ve also tried a bunch of at home teeth whitening tricks (like the light, the pen, etc.) and put a lot of work into them but never really saw any huge results from them.

Whether or not we pay attention to it, we’re all freaking out when we have to go to some big function tomorrow and don’t have white teeth. If you follow this method, you’ll never have to worry about it before a big day again!

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Here’s my routine on how to have white teeth in a week to get you started. Most of these teeth whitening tricks are easy and inexpensive. If you follow this, you’ll have 100% white teeth in 7 days (or less)!

STEP 1: Activated Charcoal OR Coconut Oil

If I haven’t whitened my teeth in a while, I start off using an activated charcoal toothpaste for a few days. It’s kind of weird because it turns your mouth black, but it’s basically getting rid of any build up on top of your teeth that cause them to look yellow. So once that’s all gone, you can see what color your teeth actually are. Most likely you’ll need more whitening than just this for having white teeth, but I’ve found that if I don’t use charcoal, I can spend a lot of money on expensive products and not see a difference – my teeth are probably white but they’re hiding under this buildup!

Another option that does virtually the same thing is Coconut Oil. If you’ve heard that Coconut Oil whitens your teeth, that’s not technically true, so don’t count on that alone, but it does remove stains/buildup and plaque that make your teeth look yellow. I use Activated Charcoal, but that’s completely a personal choice. Whichever you go with, make sure to use it every day during the first week.

While this isn’t strictly necessary, I find that my teeth look way whiter when I use a really good powered toothbrush. I think it cleans off the stains way better than any manual toothbrush can, but if you don’t want to invest in that then the charcoal over the toothbrush is the way to go. These are all easy teeth whitening tricks that don’t have to cost a ton, even if you don’t see huge benefits.

STEP 2: Crest Whitestrips

Add in some Crest Whitestrips. I was never a huge fan because they’re a lot of money and I saw little results, but combining them with everything else I use I now see a huge difference. If you’re wondering how to have white teeth in a week, Crest Whitestrips are a huge part of the answer. I’ve tried all sorts of other at home products, and to be completely honest, nothing has come close to Crest Whitestrips. Here’s the thing about them: the more expensive, high-powered ones you get, the less you have to use them. So if you only want to whiten your teeth with Whitestrips once a week, I recommend the Professional Effects or even the 1 Hour Express. I use the Professional Effects personally, because I only have to leave them on for about an hour once a week and they cost a bit less.

If your teeth can handle it, leave any of the 30 minute strips on for an hour to an hour and a half. Crest has released statements saying this is 100% fine to do, and you get double the power for the same price. If your teeth are super sensitive however, I recommend sticking to a lower power (the Gentle Treatment works good for my sister and she has a lot of trouble with tooth sensitivity) and only leaving them on for 30 minutes. It will cost you more in the long run, but if you’re looking for a long-term solution then you don’t want your teeth to constantly hurt. I know Crest Whitestrips aren’t exactly ideal if you’re searching for natural teeth whitening tips, but using them combined with other natural remedies will give you great results that you just can’t get with natural solutions alone (believe me, I’ve tried).

If you’re against using Whitestrips because they don’t stay in place, I know, it’s not ideal. The Professional Effects work really well for me (they last through a 1 hour workout!), but I also know of quite a few beauty bloggers who figured out some awesome teeth whitening tricks: they use their clear retainers (the ones you get after your braces come off) to hold the strips in place or purchase a cheap athletic or dental mold to help. I’m not sure if I would want to deal with something else in my mouth, but if that’s less of an issue for you then consider trying that.

During the first week doing any at home treatment with the goal of having white teeth quickly, I recommend using Whitestrips as much as possible. Keep in mind that you don’t want your teeth to end up hurting too much (or you’ll have to wait another week to continue), so try to toe that fine line. I could use the Professional Effects 3 times for an hour each time and be okay. To get really white teeth at the end of the week, you want at least 3 hours with a decent power. After that, you can typically switch to once a week.

STEP 3: Hydrogen Peroxide (One of the Best Teeth Whitening Tricks Ever)

Hydrogen Peroxide is possibly my favorite beauty supply ever. I use a 4% (although if you’re worried you can dilute it 50/50 with water) and swish it around in my mouth for a few minutes. You want it to get all bubbly (it should after 5 or so seconds). Once it’s bubbly, you don’t have to aggressively swish, it just has to be touching your teeth. Hydrogen Peroxide is what’s used in Crest Whitestrips and almost any bleaching treatment, so this isn’t even a bad copy, it’s the real deal. You could just do this by itself every night and see results. If you’re looking for a budget and natural teeth whitening tips, this is one of the best ones!

There’s one caveat with Hydrogen Peroxide: it can cause minor cankers in your mouth if you’re not careful. I set a timer for 2 minutes exactly and spit it out once that’s done. I do this every night (and occasionally in the mornings) and never have a problem. One time I kept it in my mouth for almost 10 minutes and it didn’t go so great. If you get cuts in your mouth, you can’t use any treatments until they go away or they’ll get worse.

If you’re using this guide as a resource for how to have white teeth in a week, then I recommend doing Hydrogen Peroxide once a day. I also do after I eat or drink anything super staining like coffee or black tea, but I’m not always able to if I’m not home and it’s never been a problem. Later on, you can use it every few days or just briefly in the mornings. It’s a great, cheap way to have white teeth consistently and even out any patchy spots.

If you’re worried about using Hydrogen Peroxide, I also like the Crest 3D Whitening Mouthwash. I wouldn’t say it works as well as Hydrogen Peroxide, but is a good second choice, and you can stick to the same daily schedule (but use the mouthwash for somewhere around 4 minutes since it’s way less powerful).

The Intensive Routine: How to Have White Teeth In a Week

Here’s what I do for the first week if I haven’t whitened in a while:

1. Brush with activated Charcoal or swish with Coconut Oil daily.  Ideally, you’d use a powered toothbrush.

2. Use medium to high powered Crest Whitestrips at least 3 times this week. If you can do an hour each time, that’s the best case scenario.

3. Swish with Hydrogen Peroxide or Crest Whitestrips Mouthwash nightly and after eating or drinking anything staining.

It’s pretty simple, but that’s how to have white teeth in a week, or possibly less, depending on your teeth. You really do have to do all of these teeth whitening tricks combined to get the best results!

The Regular Routine: Having White Teeth Consistently

My routine is pretty similar to the initial 7 days, it’s just less intense since the only worry is upkeep. I do my Activated Charcoal 1-2 times per week, brush nightly with a high powered toothbrush, floss once a day, use my Crest Whitestrips once a week for an hour, and swish with Hydrogen Peroxide, typically nightly or every other night. Once your teeth get their initial white sheen, you can be a little more lax about exactly when you follow any of these natural teeth whitening tips.

Having white teeth isn’t something you want to be stressing out about just as you have to go to something important, so start a routine ahead of time that you can actually stick to. Between hair, makeup, outfits, gifts, etc., teeth whitening tricks is the last thing you want to be Googling before your work holiday party or a relative’s wedding.

Did you know that about 18% of people choose to hide their teeth in photos? And sure, we have Facetune (which I personally dislike because it reduces the photo quality so much) but there’s still a lot of in-person time when you just can’t fake having white teeth. If you can stay on top of a pretty simple routine and use some standard teeth whitening tricks, your teeth will be one less thing to stress about!

xo, Alex

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Williamgap August 31, 2020 - 7:04 am

Marine Corps recruit Drownings Dying to Serve Your Country

(SALEM) The United States Marine Corps has a peculiar history in boot camp drownings. basically, There are far too many recruit drownings and history tells us that there is no permanent system in place to prevent this from happening. it happened to me, Only I was revived on the side of the pool. Many haven’t been so lucky.

on your April 8, 1956, submarine DI Matthew McKeon

The Marine Corps nearly ceased to exist big event 1956 “bow Creek” incident at Parris Island, sc, When Marine recruits were purposefully marched into a tidal stream by a drill instructor who had served in both WWII and Korea, And perished.

As loco as that deadly night was, The Marine drill helper, Matthew McKeon, Was sentenced to simply nine months in the brig. He was presented with a bad conduct discharge (I knew Marines who collected those for smoking pot) And then this was rescinded, And his sentence reduced to ninety days in the brig, And he was allowed in which to stay the Marine Corps. As this document conveys, Killing Marine recruits is small change in terms of accountability.

McKeon had enough “Sympathizers” Sort of like Lieutenant william Calley, Who oversaw the rape and murder of countless villagers at My Lai during the Vietnam War. every time, Be it killing Marine recruits, Or innocent non combatant civilian young children and mothers and old men, The disciplining them harshly is light. Calley served little time, has pardoned by Nixon, And allowed to life out his life although the blood of innocent people on his hands.

view “My Lai Survivor disappointed in

Calley’s ‘Terse Apology’ for War offenses

Atrocities” By Tim double

the subsequent passage about Ribbon Creek, Published in a Marine Corps magazine, is considered haunting, just like the Marine Corps’ treatment of the crime.

“although waters of Ribbon Creek now run still, Parris tropical isle still feels the ripples from April 8, 1956.

“That evenings, The fervent splashes of six recruits would rock the Marine Corps when they drowned in Ribbon Creek after their drill educator, SSgt. Matthew McKeon, Led them on an ill fated disciplinary night hike in the birthday gift swamp, 1

“concentration” is key word here. That is what makes Marines what they are at the outset, It ‘s the reason the Marines are so hardcore about training. Much of it is in a position, But not every one of it. the actual largest problem I see as an observer; As a Marine get new prospects then, And as a media reporter today, Is the consensus that negative events in the Marine Corps are either excused or condemned since they are considered as an act of the Marine Corps itself. Crimes occur at the hands and orders of folks. The institution with clear rules barring dangerous behavior, Is not wholly to blame, Unless it fails to punish all those go over the line.

boot camp Drowning, A Personal opinion

Tim King and Robert O’Dowd at their ex – base,

MCAS El Toro. Marine recruits entered a 93 day training cycle after their drill instructors purchase them from receiving barracks. I spent about ten days in that location, Then entered first phase of bootcamp, doing Platoon 1044, First Battalion Charlie workplace. First level is a month, This is the time of the greatest humiliation for a recruit, Mostly because you have no idea what one does at first and you see third phase recruits and they look vastly advanced. Second phase is spent at Camp Pendleton where we experienced infantry and marksmanship training. Third phase is back at MCRD in san diego, this is the time swim qualification takes place.

One day the drill lecturers told us we would be going to “swimming qual” this method morning, And they asked if have been any “rocks” within the platoon, those word for non swimmers. He was not a swimmer and endured decent torment and fear but eventually did learn to swim and qualify.)

betrayal by Robert O’Dowd and

Tim california king. Order from amazon online marketplace

As a surfer from ca has been, I had great swimming ability and just went with the other swimmers the following day assuming all would be well, Man was I nope.

In our outfits, subtracting boots, We climbed ladders up to diving boards that simulated stepping off of the side of a ship. After showing up in water, We were called by a trainer, As I was told they were comprised of Navy SEAL’s and Marine Recon. My driving instructor said, [url=https://www.behance.net/moldovawomen]moldova dating[/url] “Swim all through pool and back using a regular stroke, Then repeat it getting a side stroke, and after which swim the pool on a back stroke” And that seemed not so difficult. subsequently all we had to do to qualify at the basic level was to [url=https://www.bitchute.com/video/4vTw7t3XkZpA/]moldova dating[/url] float for five minutes, piece of cake.

As I was swimming forward and backward, Another recruit was first having a problem, So I paused and desired to know if he was OK, And he latched on to me and began using me as a buoyancy device, For too little of better terms. The panic generated from this might be what caused yet another recruit to start stressing out, And he pullled down on also. I was being held marine, I had water in my lung area, So I broke free and swam sideways.

a teacher, i don’t know if it was the same that I initially dealt with, believed, “If you touch the edge of the pool organization the bottom recruit, I responded by saying, “mister, The private is too much water sir” And I touched the rail of the pool because I was totally depleted and drowning. the worst thing I remember was the instructor diving in and taking me to the bottom of the pool, that’s deep, And hitting my head at the base.

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Charlottesville’s weekly papers

A rising senior and volleyball player at Nelson County school, Murphy’s family is the word for her as outgoing and popular.

pleasantness FBI

Nearly three years after she disappeared, get still no sign of Samantha Clarke, But investigators in the Town of Orange hope a break in the case may come soon.

service Orange County Commonwealth’s Attorney

Alexis Murphy was captured on surveillance video at the Lovingston Liberty gas station [url=https://www.scoop.it/topic/russian-women-by-hot-russian-women]russian babes[/url] on Saturday evening, september 3. She has not been seen since.

dork McNair

The next day of Randy Taylor’s arrest, Police tape surrounds his Thomas Nelson Highway home and investigators were seen carrying items out.

dork McNair

Investigators are asking for public assistance in tracking Randy Taylor’s whereabouts at about the time of Alexis’ disappearance, And specifically, For regarding anyone who may have seen his late model GMC truck, Pictured above.

good manners FBI

endure fall, A seemingly outraged citizen walked into the Hook office portraying himself as the victim of an allegedly overzealous missing person studies. The man talked of getting pushed out of his job and his home by dubious investigative methods that convinced even a judge he’d been unfairly tracked. Ten months subsequently interview, The disappearance of another young Central Virginia woman has renewed the specter of horror and brought fresh scrutiny to his claims.

the person is Randy Allen Taylor, A 48 years old Lovingston resident, And on August 11 he was arrested and faced with the abduction of 17 year old Alexis Tiara Murphy, Whose location remain unknown.

for the family of Murphy, a nice rising senior at Nelson County High School, The arrest provides glimmer of hope, But little with respect to real relief from the unrelenting pain of the girl’s unexplained disappearance at the outset of the school year, Which began in Nelson on saturday, september 12. She pleaded for the public to provide any tips on her daughter’s location.

investigators, in contrast, Contend that the man most likely to have that information is Taylor.

A thin man using Daffy Duck tattoo on his neck, Taylor resides an enigma. Giving a lengthy interview at the newspaper office while accompanied by an attorney, Taylor described Town of Orange police detectives as overzealous and unconstitutional in their surveillance of him. A judge contracted.

In June of yr after, Taylor emerged victorious from a Greene County courtroom after the attorney successfully argued that a GPS unit police had planted on Taylor’s car to track him had been placed illegally and that the next criminal charges for DUI, Driving with out license, Carrying a invisible weapon, And felon owning a gun crimes that may have put him behind bars for no less than two years should be tossed.

With the charges dropped, Taylor, who had been living in the Eheart’s Corner trailer park on Ridge Road in Orange County, Was a free of charge man, But one needing a new home and job. It was shut off. 29.

“He told us he been helpful in Greene, Says a woman answering the htc desire at Jim’s Used Cars, A business directly next door from the house where Taylor lived. He taken in months ago, Says the lovely women, And had been a good outer, Coming over to introduce himself and once alerting the business that someone had hit several cars in their lot.

“He seemed like a nice guy, Says the sweetheart, Who declined to give her name citing the visible nature of the case.

How or why Taylor allegedly encountered Alexis Murphy remains a mystery as investigators have released few details about any implicating evidence.

Hook legal analyst David Heilberg says the research collected thus far convinced a magistrate that there was enough evidence for an arrest, But he notes that detectives must meet a higher burden of proof if they hope to secure a conviction.

“surely, they’ve got probable cause, states that Heilberg, Noting that without having finding Murphy or a crime scene, Any evidence might be circumstantial. “Proof beyond a doubt, he states, “Is the question down the line,

Beyond the hopes and desires finding Murphy alive, Even the unfathomable horror of seeking out for a body would be key to any criminal case; And both FBI agent in charge Jeffrey Mazanec and Nelson County Commonwealth’s Attorney Anthony Martin spoke out at the [url=https://russiangirldating.wordpress.com/2019/06/19/to-know-if-the-russian-girl-has-a-crush-on-you-see-if-she-has-these-three-signs/]dating ukrainian women[/url] August 12 press conference to ask the public for any information regarding Taylor’s movements and interactions in the days pre and post Murphy’s Saturday evening disappearance.

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Entitlements much like Tricare sign up, rudimentary money intended for a place to live (BAH) and as a result relations divorce wage remain retroserveive to the gigantic Court’s June 26 taking over any location Three from your safety of marriage, or to DOMA, is actually unconstitutional, burns considered.

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needed for civilian good aspects being used administration full from federal government persons, burns said, their shield department “will track the Office of personnel direction since the department of Labor’s hints and tips to make certain that the same perks on the market today to heterosexual intercourseual husband and wife are also available to by law partnered same.

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