Etsy Gold Jewelry Essentials

by Alex DiBacco
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I’ve been ordering a good bit of my jewelry off Etsy lately and am finding the lovely pieces! Many of the sellers on Etsy offer really high quality jewelry for a much lower price than jewelry stores. 

I get asked most often for affordable jewelry pieces, so I thought I’d compile all of my favorite Etsy pieces in one post!

These gold hoops are super trendy and well-made so they actually last more than a few weeks! I especially love the small hoops in the bottom left corner. I wear them daily!

Shop all of these options right below.

These gold hoops can be shopped above in the same area.

Good gold rings are an essential for daily wear! I also like to make sure that a good ring lasts through dishwashing, walking the dog, etc.

Shop these rings here:

These gold bracelets are timeless and classic! I mix and match the different styles, but I generally find that all of these go together well.

Shop the post here:

Coin necklaces are so trendy right now, and Etsy has some of the best options! Most of these pieces have adjustable lengths as well.

Shop these necklaces here:

Lastly, a chain necklace is an essential this season. I especially love to layer my chain necklaces (some of these come layered), but I also like having a single chain on hand for specific outfits!



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