The Hottest Hair Clip Trends of 2020

by Alex DiBacco

Hair clips have been ultra trendy during the past year, and they’re not going away anytime soon. This spring and summer, hair clips will be on the rise even more-so!

While hair clips are here to stay, the specific trends evolve, and the clips that are in this season are a little different from last year. I’ve rounded up the 6 trendiest types of hair clips and included examples showing how to style them!

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Turtle Pattern Clips

Turtle clips now come in all colors, from solid colors (the pink/peach clips are my absolute favorite!) to multi-colored rainbow clips.

You can wear turtle clips a lot of different ways. I’ve included examples where the model is wearing only one color (e.g. 3 clips in a row with the same pattern) and examples with clips that and mixed and matched.

I stocked up on a variety of colored clips so I’ll have the appropriate color for any outfit!

Turtle and Blue

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The bedazzled clips are pretty new and are so cute! You can also get these in colors, but I prefer bedazzled clips with a gold base (e.g. gold or rose gold sparkles on a gold base). 

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Circle Clips

These circle clips come in and out of style. They’re super classic and French, so I like to have one on hand at all times. They’re also great for a bad hair day!

Circle clips can be worn in the back or on the side of your head. They’re also coming in different patterns now; they’re traditionally gold, but the turtle clips are super cute as well.

Bobby Pins

Pearl bobby pins were starting to become trendy last year, but now they’re in full force. You can also find sparkle bobby pins with a variety of different designs.

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Gold Claw Clips

The gold claw clip is another classic. It’s also perfect for a bad hair day. I like the styles that are super thin; they’re both trendy and functional.

Classic Pearl Clips

The classic pearl clip is still going strong, so break out those barrettes from last year! It’s super fun to mix and match as well.

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xo, Alex

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